Justine Switalla, Women's Fitness Coach: Tips to Stick to Health Goals

Right now, we are being challenged by a pandemic that has taken the world by storm. I have had my own struggles and stresses that I have been working through during this time. A lot is going on globally, and it is really hard not to feel overwhelmed and very stressed by it all.

When emotions are high, my sleep goes out the window, and I have also noticed that my digestion isn’t as great as it usually is.

I put this down to a few things:

  • Change in my diet
  • More alcohol than usual
  • Holding onto stress and not dealing with my emotions
  • Change in exercise routine
  • Lack of movement

When I write out the above, it really hits home how important it is to try to stay on top of what we can during this time. I don’t like feeling bloated, no one does, so when this happens, I really have to have a look at what is going on so I can put steps in place to get my digestion right.

If you are struggling with any of the above, then the simple tips below will assist you in getting your head space in a better place and your body feeling healthy again:

  1. Firstly, you are allowed to feel all the emotions, so don’t be too hard on yourself. If you want to cry – cry! Find support and reach out to your close friends and loved ones. When emotions are high, it helps to talk and let it all out.
  2. Set some daily intentions – take things one day at a time. In times like this, it is really hard to plan too far ahead, that leads to overwhelm.
  3.  Get out into nature. It is really important to get out of the house. Nature and fresh air are amazing at helping us feel more grounded. Do this daily, even if it is just around the block.
  4.  Enjoy laughing with your children and being able to spend quality time with your partner. Switch your mindset and think that this has given you an opportunity to reset and to be present. Try to change your thoughts from “what I should be doing, or how I should be feeling” to “enjoy & appreciate what’s right in front of me”. The kids are happy being at home with YOU, you don’t have to play all of the roles you feel like you need to play, just be your authentic self and be present.
  5.  Move your body. Try to do some form of exercise each day. Some suggestions are: stretching, walking, cycling, yoga, short hone workouts. I have been posting heaps of workouts on my socials. If you are stuck without ideas check out my IG @justine_switalla 
  6. Eat whole foods. Have a good look at your diet, and reassess what foods you are ingesting. I know a lot of people are struggling with mindless eating due to boredom, but if you are eating enough fibrous foods, and enough protein you won’t feel hungry. Eat protein with every meal, load up on greens, fruit and veggies, eat complex carbs around your training and be sure to keep yourself hydrated as often hunger is just your body craving water.
  7. Lastly, I would look at assisting your digestion by doing a gentle cleanse. I do go on about “gut health” a lot, but this is because it plays such a huge role in your overall health and wellness, especially when you are feeling more stressed than normal. I have taken FERMIO's Nutritional Cleanse now for close to 2 years and really stand by what this plant-powered wellness drink does. Each 50mL shot delivers a concentrated boost of vitamins, minerals and triple-fermented ingredients that improves the digestive system, which enhances your wellbeing from the inside out. 

This would honestly be the perfect time to jump onto the 4-week gentle cleanse, this is what I have done recently and will continue to do, as it has really helped me. By simply adding Nutritional Cleanse into your weekly gut health routine, you’ll be amazed at the difference it will make. You will feel less puffy and inflamed, more vibrant and energetic, and you will definitely start to feel lighter.

I really do hope that the above tips can assist you with your health goals during this time. I thought that I would share them with you as these are the things I am currently working on to feel healthier, more grounded and content.

Remember, it all starts within you.


Justine Switalla

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