Tips to Power Up Your Pretox

We understand that the idea of a pretox may be very new for some people, but new doesn’t have to be scary! We have brainstormed some helpful tips for you, to ensure you reap the maximum benefits out of your pretox. 

O N E :: Prioritise 

One key purpose of undertaking a pretox is to give your digestive system a well-earned rest. We do not want to counteract this by loading up with hard to digest foods, so here are some recommendations that are delicious and easily digestible: 

- Thoroughly-cooked, low-glycaemic vegetables (pumpkin, sweet potato, zucchini)
- Unsweetened fruits
- Easily digestible lean proteins (fish, chicken, turkey) or vegetable proteins (lentils, beans, tofu)
- Low GI grains (brown rice, quinoa)
- Healthy fats (avocado, nut butters, extra virgin olive or coconut oil)

T W O :: Hydrate 

Yes, hydration is incredibly important at any time but even more so when you are focusing on healing, cleansing and restoring. Make sure you keep hydrated with H20, herbal teas and fruit-infused waters, whatever takes your fancy! 

T H R E E :: Moderate 

During your pretox, it is recommendable to moderate the following for maximum benefits: 

- Caffeine and alcohol consumption (we said moderation, not prohibition!) 
- Intake of heavily processed foods high in sodium, sugar or fat.
- Fried anything!

F O U R :: Allow 

A twelve-hour period between the last meal of one day and the first meal of the next (e.g. finish dinner by 7:30 PM and have breakfast at 7:30 AM the following day). This window gives your digestive system plenty of time to rest, and isn’t as hard as you might think (you will be sleeping through a good part of it anyway!).