To detox or not to detox?

Social media is full of the latest ways to detox your body and when endorsed by a celebrity or influencer these programs/diets can look pretty appealing. BUT the key thing to know is that everybody is different, and everybody will respond differently to detoxing approaches.

Certainly, the most common ways to detox are:

  1. Fasting anywhere from 1-7 days
  2. Drinking liquid only so vegetable juices, teas, smoothies and water
  3. Eat Clean, basically remove all processed foods from your diet
  4. Follow a program of herbal supplements and tonics. Usually under the care of a practitioner.

There are a few things you should know before you consider any type of detoxing:

  1. If you are considering a detox to lose weight, it is unlikely to have long term results. You will lose weight initially, but it will likely return when you resume normal eating.
  2. Our bodies are geared to do a pretty good job of cleansing on its own. Yes, there are toxins in food, pollution, cleaning products and much more, but your organs are fairly efficient at cleaning them out.
  3. You may experience some nasty withdrawal symptoms particularly if caffeine or sugar plays a large part in your diet. Be prepared to feel unwell.
  4. These programs can make it challenging to keep active or exercising.

With that in mind, research is definitely key before you set out on any type of detox. Make sure you pick an approach that you believe will best suit you and deliver results.

There are some scientifically proven ways to help your body’s natural ability to detox, including:

  1. Limiting alcohol consumption
  2. Focusing on quality sleep
  3. A good quality pre and probiotic
  4. Staying hydrated
  5. Keeping active

At FERMIO we’ve developed a nutritional cleanse to suit everyone. Designed to pack more of the good stuff in, our cleanse contains 66 plant foods and is triple fermented to ensure your body extracts the maximum benefits. It’s a gentle cleanse that is formulated to fit into your everyday life, no fasting, no diets, just a little help to make sure your body is functioning at its best.