Winter's Got You Good?

This winter, we have partnered up with Bare and Wilde & Barre Body on their Winter Wellness Box and Winter Challenge to bring a bit of FERMIO to these amazing communities! 

Whilst all you might want to do is stay indoors and curl up during winter, there's no better time to kick-start your healthy habits since our immune systems can use a boost to fight off nasties!

Our GUT is one of the most important immune defences in our bodies, so why not strengthen it with amazing NOURISHING & GUT FRIENDLY nutrients? 

Bare and Wilde’s wellness box contains 15 carefully curated products (all natural and good for you!), including our 2-day Discovery Pretox to get your digestive & overall health ON POINT. 

Plus, everyone who purchases the Winter Wellness box will receive a complimentary5-day access to Australia’s best boutique fitness studio,Barre Body‘s online classes. 

The Winter Wellness box also comes with an eBook jam-packed with comforting winter recipes by nutritionistMarika Day, cold weather beauty tips by clean beauty expert Emily Banks, mindfulness hacks by yoga teacher Emma Maidment and of course, a primer on our 2-Day Discovery Pretox. 

Being healthy doesn’t mean that you won’t eat cake again or need to hit the gym seven days a week to succeed. You should feel greatenergized and HAPPY! And the best way to achieve that is from the inside out. 

We thrive on nurturing you along your wellness journey. Keep posted - there are more winter wellness tips coming YOUR WAY! 

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