Ready for a fresh start?

Introducing your triple-fermented, plant-based pretox drink by FERMIO LAB


Pt MOLECURE Superfruits & Berries Pretox Boost

Fermented from 66 plant-based ingredients

No artificial colours, flavours or preservatives



Our Pretox drink is the smarter way to Cleanse

CLEANSE the digestive system

BALANCE the gut microbiome

NOURISH with phytonutrients



Pt MOLECURE Superfruits & Berries Boost is specifically designed to enhance digestive health. It’s a balanced and holistic alternative to the traditional detox or juice cleanse which is often perceived as an extreme deprivation diet and difficult to maintain.


B E N E F I T S   O F   A   P R E T O X

After 1 Week

Easier bowel movements
Eliminates digestive waste build up
Kick-start healthy habits

After 4 Weeks

Less bloating
Healthy bowel regularity
Boosted energy
Clearer complexion

After 6-8 Weeks

Less hormonal bloating
Rebalance gut health
Even-toned and radiant skin
Improved mood and sleep