A detox is when you abstain from certain (if not all) foods while the body rids itself of unwanted substances. It’s very restrictive and any results are often difficult to maintain. 
In contrast, a pretox takes a preventative approach towards health and wellbeing. A pretox is proactive rather than reactive because it works by optimising your body’s natural capacity to heal, cleanse and restore. 


A pretox is not a detox, and it’s not a diet.

Pretoxing creates an optimum environment for your gut ecosystem to flourish, so it’s better at handling the impact of dietary, environmental and emotional stresses on your gut. This is fundamental in improving your overall health and wellbeing as it positively improves energy levels, immunity, mood and hormonal balance. Pretoxing is a healthier approach to the traditional detox which is restrictive and often promotes negative relationships to food.
Through resting, rebooting and rebalancing gut flora, eating nourishing foods and incorporating exercise into your routine, your gut health can improve greatly, allowing you to feel healthier and energised.

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