As often you like. A pretox is a flexible, sustainable and intuitive eating pattern designed to support healthier lifestyles. It may be continued indefinitely after the first four weeks or repeated whenever you’ve over-indulged, need some structure to re-establish healthier habits, want to give your digestive system a rest or just need an energy boost.

Please drink your Pt MOLECURE on an empty stomach (20-30 minutes before food, or 2 hours after a meal). A smoothie or meal-replacement shake counts as food. Coffee, tea and water are OK!

Please do not dilute or distill your Pt MOLECURE with water or any other beverage. Take it in one shot, or over a few sips.

Sometimes, nutrient rich sediment can settle in your Pt MOLECURE. Just shake the bottle before drinking because this sediment is full of beneficial vitamins and minerals.

Maintenance pretox days do not have to be consecutive. You can change the days you drink your Pt MOLECURE depending on when is most convenient for you and your lifestyle. For best results, choose days that allows your digestive system to rest by eating foods that are easier to digest and focusing on self-care.

You sure can and please do!

Our team has 30 years of collective experience in healthcare and food - that's a lot of industry insight into practices we don't like and will never adopt at FERMIO. We use scientifically validated functional food ingredients in optimum concentrations, and each of our ingredient is expertly selected for their synergistic benefits. We use standardised botanical extracts for better bioactivity and consistent quality. The turmeric you see on our ingredient list is not the spice you cook curry with - it is a water-soluble, standardised extract with bioavailable curcumin, the biologically beneficial component of turmeric. From science to shelf, we vet, test and repeat, because when it comes to product quality, close enough is just not good enough.

The overall character is robust and complex with a wide palate appeal and a lingering finish. The nose has a rich bouquet of plum, gooseberry and blackcurrant, overlaying a hint of tart and savoury spice. Crimson garnet in colour, this drink has tremendous depth and elegance. Translation? It tastes like berries …

Yes! Pt MOLECURE is powered by plants. None of the ingredients in Pt MOLECURE contain materials of animal origin.