What does it taste like? 
Berries. Lots of berries. 
When should I drink it?  
Anytime. Preferably on an empty stomach (20-30 minutes before food, or 2 hours after a meal).  A smoothie or meal-replacement shake counts as food. Coffee, tea and water are OK! 
Can I dilute it or mix it with something? 
There’s no need. It tastes great straight out of the bottle, and is better absorbed on an empty stomach. So drink it in one shot, or over a few sips.  
There is sediment in my bottle. 
Sometimes, nutrient rich sediment can settle at the bottom. Just give it and good shake and drink up the beneficial vitamins and minerals.  
I’m doing the twice-weekly cleanse – what days should I take it? 
Your twice-weekly cleanse days do not have to be consecutive and can vary from week to week. Our Nutritional Cleanse is based on what is most convenient for you and your lifestyle. For maximum rejuvenation, pick days that allow you to focus on self-care and prioritising whole foods. R&R is just as important for your microbes as it is for your mind. 
How often should I repeat the cleanse?  
As often you like. Our Nutritional Cleanse is a flexible and sustainable program designed to support healthier lifestyles all year round, not just after a big night/week out. Some people choose to make our cleanse part of their weekly digestive wellness routine. Or simply repeat the four week program whenever you have over-indulged, want to give your digestive system a rest or just need an energy boost. 
Is this suitable for vegetarians? 
Yes! Our Nutritional Cleanse is naturally powered by plants. None of the ingredients are of animal origin. 
Can I recycle my bottle?  
You sure can! Please separate the lid and the glass, like a good citizen.  


Where do you deliver to? 
Our website is set up to process orders to delivery addresses in Australia, New Zealand, selected destinations in the Asia Pacific (Hong Kong, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Taiwan and Vietnam), and the United States. If you would like to arrange for delivery to other international destinations, please get in contact with us and we’ll be happy to work something out. 
Do you deliver to PO Boxes or Australia Post Parcel Lockers? 
We sure do. 
My order arrived damaged. 
Sorry to hear that. Please e-mail us at with an (un)happy snap of the damage and we’ll look after you.