Ready When You Are! Super Simple & Super Flexible
No time to DIY eight juices a day? Us either. With FERMIO’s Nutritional Cleanse, everything you need is in one convenient bottle, just once a day. Forget handfuls of supplements, forget shopping and chopping, forget giving up the foods you love and forget not eating for days. 
Our cleanse comes in a single serve, ready-to-go package that will fit into your lifestyle and not the other way round. You can start anytime and continue for as long as you want. It’s all up to you. 
A Smarter Way to Cleanse
Cleanses often conjure up images of rigour, discipline and struggle; a cleanse means cutting out caffeine, banishing bread, relinquishing red meat and swapping your wine for water. Not to mention the cravings, headaches and clearing your social calendar! With our Nutritional Cleanse, none of that needs to happen.
Proactive Cleansing
Our proactive approach to cleansing focuses on adding back the good rather than reducing the bad. Our Nutritional Cleanse primes your digestive system and reboots your microbiome to better handle the stress and impact of modern lifestyles.    
Cleanses don’t have to be hard. Check out just how simple our Nutritional Cleanse is. 
Let Our Cleanse Work its Plant Magic!
Each bottle is filled with nature's nutrients, gut friendly enzymes and prebiotics to gently cleanse and nourish your body. We take plant-based ingredients to new heights with our unique triple-fermentation technology that allows you to absorb every drop of the plant goodness in every bottle.  
We’re Your Biggest Fan
We are cheering for everyone who takes a positive step toward their health, big or small. We want you to succeed and we’re here to support you make changes that are sustainable.
Our Nutritional Cleanse will help optimise your digestive health and boost your intake of plant nutrients and it’s amazing for your microbiome. Starting our cleanse is a great first step in prioritising you. 
Most of us know what it takes to be healthy, but life is busy, and healthy can seem hard. That’s why we’ve created a new type of cleanse, where small changes can make a big difference. Our cleanse is designed for real people with real responsibilities. All you have to do is schedule in some down-time for your digestive system, and you’ll be on your way to creating the perfect environment for your gut microbiome to thrive.
You’ll be feeling the best version of you in no time. 

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Founded by a team of scientists and healthcare professionals, FERMIO combines ancient healing traditions with state-of-the-art fermentation technology for modern wellness solutions