Our Team


Product Development 

Industry experience: 14 years

Pharmacist and formulator

Creates products that fosters good habits (because she has so few)

Wants to make the world a happier place, one happy tummy at a time



Quality Assurance

Industry experience: 6 years

Analytical food chemist

Loves ordering tests, interpreting results and obsesses over FERMIO’s food safety systems

Also obsesses over food, full stop



Industry experience: 12 years

International trade and supply chain expert

Gets FERMIO from farms to fermenter to your door

Fine baker (so she claims)




Industry experience: 40 years

Decades of impressive experience in Corporate Sales and Project Management

Keeps everything running as the General Manager of FERMIO

Presides over a garden society when he’s not presiding over FERMIO’s boardroom




Industry experience: 18 years

Food technologist and plant manager

Ensures FERMIO’s products are manufactured the way we like it (ie. to perfection)

Looks like your favourite high school teacher.



Digital and Social Media Marketing

Industry experience: 4 years

Multi-talented multitasker (Model, Marketer and Mum)

Looks after FERMIO’s friends and brand partners

Also looks after five dogs, two bearded dragons and a toddler 




Industry experience: 20 years

Big corporates, small businesses, ATL, BTL, Digital, Tracy has done it all in marketing

Helps FERMIO with marketing plans and strategies

Juggles a couple of jobs, a couple of kids, a couple of dogs and a husband.

She gets her zen at yoga and the gym........namaste!