Our Story

Fermio Lab was founded by a multidisciplinary team of passionate Pharmacists, Biochemists and Food Analytical Chemists who set out to make looking after your health as easy as possible for everyday people. Our combined 30 years' experience means we can utilise the highest quality ingredients in sophisticated formulations to deliver real results at realistic prices.

Because FERMIO is about science, you can be assured that every ingredient is meaningful, and the combination of our ingredients deliver you the maximum nutritional value in the simplest way possible. 

Our Philosophy

Formulated for Nourishment, Not Punishment

FERMIO products are designed to fit into your lifestyle, set you up for success and fuel your body with nutrients. We don’t believe in rigorous and restrictive programs, we want you to take a step towards better health, big or small.

Making a positive change

Everyone’s version of wellness is different, so we aim to show people that by making a small change, you can not only improve your health, but you can mentally reset and take steps towards healthier habits.

Our Nutritional Cleanse was developed on this philosophy, simple, fuss free, easy to include in your day, improved gut health and feel great. It’s that easy. 

Our Team