Marketing 101 dictates this is where we tell you a story.
Not just any story – a founder’s fairy tale, a corporation’s creation myth, a narrative that is inspirational, eloquent, a little poignant and ideally involves some tinkering in a garage …
Well FERMIO doesn’t have a story.
FERMIO had a problem.


Between the six of us, we’ve clocked in over 30 years in pharmacy, biochemistry, biotechnology and the food industry. We know the science of health and nutrition, but despite our best intentions, we couldn’t turn it into an Insta-worthy art of living and eating well.
That’s when we realised being health conscious has zero correlation to being health “conscientious”, so we got to work creating realistic health solutions that don’t require unrealistic resolutions. It took us 712 days, at least twice that many cups of coffees and countless setbacks along the way, but here we are today.
You could say we founded FERMIO, but in many ways, FERMIO found us when it helped each of us define and achieve wellness on our own terms.
We’re glad you found FERMIO too. Welcome to the FERMIO family.



(i) Formulated for Nourishment, Not Punishment
FERMIO facilitates transformational health and personal empowerment efficiently, effortlessly and sustainably by pairing exceptional nutritional solutions with realistic lifestyle resolutions.
We all know what it takes to be healthy: eat less, move more, skip the sugar, read the label, but for a lot of us, none of this comes naturally nor easily. Healthy is a habit, and we are what we repeatedly (don’t) do. So FERMIO doesn’t stop at formulating products, we create eco-systems to help you succeed.

(ii) We Help You Make Changes, Not Excuses
FERMIO develops its nutritional solutions to cut down your barriers to change, whether it be lack of time, motivation, skills or support.
FERMIO makes it easier for you to make better choices, not excuses. We know willpower is no match for the tenacity of habits, attitudes or busy lifestyles, and that’s why FERMIO fits in with the way you live, not the other way around. By reducing the barriers to change and helping you forge healthier habits, FERMIO spurs you towards achieving wellness goals that once seemed out of reach.

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Founded by a team of scientists and healthcare professionals, FERMIO combines ancient healing traditions with state-of-the-art fermentation technology for modern wellness solutions