The FERMIO Family 

Ai-Lien, Hebe, Peggy, David & Kara 
Ai-Lien, Hebe and Peggy are co-founders of FERMIO and friends by coincidence. 
Ai-Lien has first handedly seen the power of good habits which laid the foundation for FERMIO’s “habit forming” approach to wellness. With 13 years experience as a Pharmacist with much of it in addiction medicine, Ai-Lien was inspired to create a product that prioritised the power of good habits, not just good ingredients. When she’s not in her lab coat formulating for FERMIO, she’s a lousy cook married to the man who swept her off her feet on a “romantic getaway” to North Korea. 

Hebe has spent 6 years working as a Food Analytical Chemist. As a Biochemist, Hebe puts her expertise to good use by ensuring FERMIO’s products are of the highest quality through rigorous (read, borderline obsessive) testing of our food safety and validation systems. When Hebe isn’t busy ordering tests and interpreting results, she is likely out for a run or foraging for food. (Ai-Lien is not the only lousy cook at FERMIO!)  

Peggy is an expert in logistics and has spent 15 years working in International Trade. Peggy uses her extensive experience in business development to navigate the challenges of getting FERMIO from our warehouse to your door. When she isn’t busy putting her problem-solving skills to use, she can be found baking up something truly delicious for her family/victims.
David is FERMIO’s General Manager. With four decades of impressive experience in Corporate Sales and Project Management working with multinational companies, managing FERMIO is a piece of cake. David happens to be very fond of cakes, and presides over a garden society when he’s not presiding over FERMIO’s board room.

Kara heads up the Marketing at FERMIO - she’s a Model, a Mum and a (super) role model in multi-tasking. When Kara isn’t hatching up marketing ideas, she tries to hatch eggs she finds in her garden. Apparently, that’s what reptile enthusiasts do. You can say Hi to Kara on FERMIO’s social media. She’s super friendly.

The Furry FERMIO Family

Zachariah (West Highland Terrier)
Zach is the love of Ai-Lien’s life. He’s a 17.5 year old Westie that’s living proof that eating well, sleeping 16 hours a day and not chasing car tyres is the secret to longevity (for canines). Zach is everything we want to be at FERMIO, fun, feisty and fiercely loyal (but maybe not as furry).

Orion (Cocker Spaniel x King Charles Cavalier)
Orion is David’s two year old dog and knows more tricks than Penn and Teller (combined), but it will cost you doggie treats to see them. Orion likes long walks, Christmas mornings and chasing birds. We like him because he’s even more photogenic than Kara.

Kara’s Zoo
We’d like to introduce Kara’s pets individually, but to be honest, we can’t keep up with them. Stay tuned for new additions anytime …

Yeti (Chihuahua)
Magma (Staffy)
Noodle (Bearded Dragon – it’s a thing, go look it up)
Pudding (Guinea Pig)
Pumpkin (Guinea Pig)

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Founded by a team of scientists and healthcare professionals, FERMIO combines ancient healing traditions with state-of-the-art fermentation technology for modern wellness solutions