I heard about Fermio from a 8-week challenge I did with Justine Switalla a while ago and I’ve been on it since then. Some of the benefits I’ve experienced have been less bloating & overall good gut health. I like taking it twice a week, in the mornings with an empty stomach. It is super easy to take as I keep it in my bathroom for convenience. I would definitely recommend it to friends & family as it’s easy and tastes great.
Courtney K – New Zealand
I absolutely loved the 4-week cleanse program! It reduced the amount of bloating that I experience from eating my normal healthy diet and helped cleanse and optimize my digestive system. It gave me more energy throughout my day, and the taste itself is delicious. I would definitely recommend the 4-week Cleanse to anyone looking to give themselves a head start on improving their gut health. 
I struggled with IBS throughout my teens and have had ongoing digestive issues. I’ve been doing the monthly cleanse on and off for nearly two years. After the month, I always feel amazing, less bloating, less reactions to foods and generally more energetic. Whenever I feel run down or start reacting to more foods I know it’s time to get onto another cleanse.
Greg, ACT 
As one of Australia's leading Health and Fitness experts, I'm always sceptical about programs on the market that ask you to eliminate certain foods or starve yourself for days. So, when I was approached by FERMIO LAB to trial their 4-Week Pt MOLECURE, I was surprised by the fact that all I had to do was drink a healthy and delicious fruit drink and maintain my healthy lifestyle.
WOW! What a difference this program has made to my energy levels!
As a businesswoman and busy mum, even my healthy lifestyle couldn't remedy my tiredness. Pt MOLECURE was the pick me up I needed. Not only am I bouncing out of bed each morning, my skin and overall well-being has been given a boost too!
Justine Switalla

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Founded by a team of scientists and healthcare professionals, FERMIO combines ancient healing traditions with state-of-the-art fermentation technology for modern wellness solutions