What's fermentation?


Fermentation is a natural preservation process, and one of the oldest forms of food processing method that also happens to enhance the nutritional value of food. Fermented foods are rich in probiotics, organic acids, digestive enzymes and a variety of micronutrients which are beneficial for the health of your gut microbiome.


What's triple fermentation?


The reason why we are able to pack so much goodness into such small containers is because FERMIO's premium range of products are triple fermented. Our triple fermentation technology enables us to precisely nurture and harness microbial cultures to extract the best of whole foods. This makes them easy to absorb and the boost in prebiotic and probiotic effect positively impacts your digestive health in a multitude of ways. 


STEP #1 Fine Food Produce

  • We sourced locally and from imported fruits and vegetables, as organically as possible (dependant on seasonal and supplier availability).
  • The foods are visually inspected, washed and trimmed into appropriate size.


STEP #2 Primary Fermentation (1°)

  • Fruit and veggies are placed into a sterile, stainless steel fermenter.
  • First “culture” of bacteria/yeast/probiotic organisms introduced.
  • Provides the optimal environment for the types of beneficial bacteria we want to thrive. (There’s bacteria naturally present on fruits and vegetables, so we need to control this and essentially take over ALL microbial activity that is happening in the fermenter).


STEP #3 Secondary Fermentation (2°)

  • Second “culture” of bacteria/yeast/probiotic organisms introduced.
  • As the big pieces are broken down, it releases the goodies that are previously locked up in the fruit or vegetable. Macronutrients become micronutrients (i.e. proteins into amino acids, carbohydrates into sugars, this increases “digestibility”). The bacteria also synthesize vitamins, i.e. improves the NUTRIENT DENSITY of the mixture.
  • Any or undesirable components are also neutralised in this step naturally by fermentation.


STEP #4 Tertiary Fermentation (3°)

  • Final “culture” of bacteria/yeast/probiotic organisms introduced.
  • This step is essential in removing alcohol naturally generated during the fermentation process.
  • The process significantly increases organic acid content (similar to the health benefits of all other fermented foods).


STEP #5 Quality Control + Final Additions

  • Purification, Analysis & Quality Control: in-house at the fermenting site and verified by a third-party independent NATA-accredited laboratory.
  • We perform various laboratory analysis to ensure both the ferment and the final product is free from contaminants and impurities, as well as meeting the biochemical qualities that we want.
  • Flavouring with natural fruit juices.