A pretox is a proactive approach to optimise your body's natural capacity to heal and cleanse. By making small changes that have a big impact, a pretox creates the ideal condition for your gut ecosystem, which is fundamental to health and wellbeing. Priming and optimising your digestive system will enhance your energy levels, immunity, mood and hormone balance.

R E S T  /  Reduce digestive workload with wholesome foods
R E P A I R  /  Restore digestive balance by encouraging healthy gut microbiome

R E P L E N I S H  /  With easily assimilated vitamins, minerals & phytonutrients

R E B O O T  /  Gently cleanse the digestive system

R O U T I N E  /  Extreme behaviour changes have extremely short durations


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Founded by a team of scientists and healthcare professionals, FERMIO combines ancient healing traditions with state-of-the-art fermentation technology for modern wellness solutions